Covid Educational Plan Update

East Washington Families:

The Indiana State Department of Health updates a color-coded map showing positivity rates for each county every Wednesday at noon (map linked below). The Washington County Health Department has asked that we modify educational plans based on these color categories. If Washington County is blue or yellow we will be using in-person instruction as we have so far this school year. If we move to the orange category we have been asked to move to a hybrid model of instruction where one group of students will attend in-person while the other group attends virtually from home and then we would switch. If we move to the red category then the campus will move to transitional learning from home. We will release the full details of our hybrid model on our website and social media Wednesday at 12:30 after the map updates.

We will use the map released on Wednesday, November 25 to determine if we are fully in-person, hybrid, or fully virtual doing transitional learning for our return on Monday, November 30. 

Once again, we understand the hardship these shifts create for our students, staff, and community, but we are required by the Washington County Health Department to implement educational plans based on our county’s status each week.

Indiana COVID Color Coded Map